We work with you to ensure that the existing insurance and risk management programs are suitable for your needs. Whilst our work is always tailored to each of our clients requirements broadly speaking our services would encompass some or all of the following:

  • Review and Critical Analysis of your Insurance Program and Risk Management processes to ensure that they are both suitable and relevant to your needs, including review of your policy wordings; 

  • Identification of gaps within either of the programs which should be addressed and /or areas where unnecessary policies are in place; 

  • Working with you to reduce areas of potential risk to the business which impacts on your insurance program;

  • Bench marking your brokers services standards, pricing and policy wording;

  • Working with you to develop worst case scenario circumstances in order to put context around policy limits; 

  • Working with you to improve the quality of the submission and information which you present to your insurance broker. This can include writing your renewal briefs and /or tenders to other brokers; 

  • Reviewing the propositions that you receive from your broker at renewal or initial placement. Where multiple brokers have been engaged we can provide a break down in the differences between those offerings; and

  • If required we can be your representative to the broker, we can meet with them, be their point of contact, set the scope of services and requirements that you have and negotiate on your behalf

Insurance Risk Consulting

What we offer

Every business has different risk profiles and insurance requirements. Every policy and every insurer have their own nuances and unless the person(s) responsible for the choice of the broker and subsequent insurance and risk program are well versed within the insurance industry then they will be confronted with an array of options at every stage of the insurance process. All of these propositions would come with their own positives, negatives and policy wordings which would need to be considered prior to making a decision. 


Colne Risk Advisory have in excess of twenty years experience within the insurance industry. Experience gained within both the UK and Australian insurance markets and from both a brokering and insurer point of view. We are within a unique position to be able to provide objectivity, experience and knowledge to assist or manage the insurance and risk management process for you and your company. 

Insurance and risk programs differ from business to business as such they are expensive to establish and maintain. We work with our clients to ensure that they reap the full benefits of the time and money which has been invested. 

We were approached by a business who were unsure about the insurance process or what they actually had or required coverage for. Further they were concerned by the pricing of their insurance program and how much had been paid to insurers over a number of years, despite not having any losses. Whilst they had a good relationship with their broker, they wanted a second opinion as to what was in place and rather than approach a competing insurance broker appointed Colne Risk Advisory. 

What we did:


  • Undertook a full review of their policy wording and compared that to others within the marketplace as well as the specific insurance requirements which were imposed through contracts. Further we reviewed what our client had provided to their broker previously;​


We found that whilst the policy wording provided good overall cover there were key areas which had been missed and had left the client uninsured in areas and not able to comply with specific requirements of the contracts in place. The latter owing to the presentation of information to the broker. 

  • Provided a detailed report for our client detailing areas of the policy which needed improving and bench-marking against similar policies and pricing available. We also included claims commentary from insurers within their industry;

  • Co-wrote the brief for the upcoming renewal to their broker, highlighting areas which needed addressing in order or importance, pricing expectations with analysis supporting those expectations. As well as put in place a timeline which ensured our client had enough time to review what was proposed;

  • Worked with our client as to how to best present the information to their broker in future and to outline specific nuances about their business to assist their broker and make best use of the relationship which they had; and

  • Worked with our clients risk management team to overhaul policies and procedures surrounding the business activities they had in place. These were then documented and put into a structure which insurers could understand and which gave accountability to the business for ensuring the standards were met. 


  • The incumbant broker was re-appointed without our client having to go to the market; 

  • Premium and excess reductions were achieved; 

  • Gaps within the policy were closed up where applicable; and

  • Agreed fee structure for the broker

Case Studies