Important Coverage Update - Architects, Engineers and Project Managers

This update pertains to Professional Indemnity Insurance holders whom operate within the design and construction industries. In particular it impacts on engineers, architects and construction project managers.

Following on from the Grenfell disaster in London, insurers have been seeking to include exclusions /restrictions of cover for architects, engineers and project managers.

These exclusions focus around cladding and can have implications whether the business is directly involved within the cladding process or simply involved within work incidentally to it. The language used, from what we have seen, within some of these exclusions is very broad at first reading and could have profound implications for work which was previously undertaken as well as that more recently performed.

The purpose of the restrictions are to limit cover where materials not meeting Australian standards has been used. As I alluded to above though the language is broad.

We would advise those who receive renewal documents with amendments within the cover to question fully the scope of the cover which is being removed.

Should there be any questions or concerns then your first port of call should be to your insurance broker.

#ProfessionalIndemnity #SmallBusiness

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